More than a confectionery... A philosophy
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Our products

Here you’ll find a selection of Traditional and Artisan European Sweets as well as Homemade Confectionery.

Let’s get together to create your very own Assortment according to your wishes and let us guide you through a universe of new Tastes and Textures from Switzerland and around the world.

You’ve already got your own candy box or jar? Come and fill it up! In an Eco-conscious effort, we accept all your containers.

Jellyfish Confectionery

Organic & Natural Products in Carouge

Marshmallow lollipop strawberry or lemon acidulated, marshmallow « tagada »

Caramel / chocolate fudge, with maple syrup or ginger fudge

Soft Gums

Pleasure Assured

Fruits Jelly, jellybean, Fizzy candy, caramels à la double crème de Gruyère, jelly babies, Teddy bears and more…


Therapeutic or not …

Gomme propolis-eucalyptus, pâte vanillée à la réglisse, cherry lips, chewy, millions, wine gums, pur gomme aux fruits…

Hard Candies

For more Pleasure

Berlingots, lollipop, pastilles au miel, cailloux amande ou chocolat, pastilles Leone, candy cane, confiserie acidulées ainsi que des bonbons aux fruits sans sucre…

The Licorice

Hard or Soft candies, Salty or Sweet

All sorts, coconut mushroom, réglisse salmiac, pâte vanillé à la réglisse, pontefract cake, réglisse confit, sujet à la réglisse, cafards, réglisse au miel…

Suitable for Vegetarians

Even Vegan for some

Berlingots, caramels, american hard gum, millions, jelly beans, pastille Leone, sucettes, gomme propolis-eucalyptus, mélanges carrés pure gomme, pastilles vichy

Gluten Free

Make your Choice

Berlingots, wine gums, fudge, Jelly babies, fruits jelly, cherry lips, teddy bears, méga sour, sherbet lemon, fizzy cola, millions, chewy, jelly beans, pastille Leone, cailloux, trésor des forêts, pastille vichy, pur gomme aux fruits, pâte vanillée à la réglisse, coconut mushroom, réglisse au miel, cafards…

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