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You would like to make an Original Gift or simply enjoy your Favorite Sweets without having to come over? You can now place your order 

A selection of ready-made offers is available according to three criteria: Mix, Vegan or Gluten-Free.

From 89Chf of Purchase the shipping and packaging are Offered to you.

We will get back to you with an offer under 48h and will expedite your order upon receipt of payment. 

Glass Candy Dish 750ml

49.90 Chf

Mix JellyBean
(Vegetarian & gluten free)
55 Chf

Small Glass Jar 150ml

8.90 Chf

Mix JellyBean
(vegetarian & gluten free)
10.90 Chf

Baby Bottle 60ml

Assortiment JellyBean or Millions
8.90 Chf

Birthday Bag

Funny bag & Candy
3.90 Chf

Discovery Bag

Assortiment Minimum 150gr
9.90 Chf

Hermetic Bag

Assortiment Minimum 50gr
5.90 Chf

Mix JellyBean 
(Vegetarian & gluten free)
6.90 Chf

Marshmallow Lollipop

Minimum 30gr
5 Chf

Handmade Cuddly Toy

Variable colors: green, pink, blue, orange or red
29.90 Chf

Wedding Box

5.90 Chf

Baptism Box

5.90 Chf 

Birth Pack

A Cuddly toy, a homemade strawberry lollipop and a baby bottle
49.90 Chf 

Birthday Child Box

Box « blind test » special birthday child
Find the 7 flavors of homemade marshmallows

From 10 children
65 Chf

5 Chf per additional child

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