More than a confectionery... A philosophy
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Welcome to Jellyfish Confectionery’s universe.

A unique concept in Geneva nestled in the old Carouge, where you’ll find the perfect blend of Traditional European Artisan Sweets and Homemade Confectionery.

Here, you’ll find a wide array of quality confectionery selected for the young and the not so young with a choice of Sweets Made with Natural Flavors and Colorings as well as Vegetarian, Vegan, Lactose and Gluten Free Options. 

Sour, sweet, fruity, salted licorice or the essential jelly bean, all our products are sold by weight or by the unit for a selection made specifically to your taste.

If you wish to make an Original Gift, you may pick from a choice of Custom-made Bags or Sweet Boxes or even Elegantly Packaged Boxes specially made for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Baby Showers.

More than just a Candy Store, we offer bespoke services for your Events specifically Tailored for to your Budget and wild Imagination

Please give us a call to rent our Cotton Candy or Popcorn Machine!

Le Blog :

Tous les articles sur la confiserie, les recettes originales, et les idées dont vous avez besoin pour vos événements… se trouvent sur le bubble blog.


Des bonbons thérapeutiques ?

Bonbons ou pastilles évidement! La toux n’est pas, au sens strict, une maladie mais un symptôme. C’est un mécanisme de défense, un réflexe, qui se manifeste lorsque les voies respiratoires sont obstruées. Bien souvent, la toux survient lors d’un refroidissement dû au changement de saison. Elle peut être sèche ou grasse. Mais elle peut également […]